After a verified secret is found, our customers need to be able to quickly remediate the potential leak. TruffleHog allows for Slack Workflow, to seamlessly integrate with your teammates daily work. Once you have successfully rotated the secret, it will be marked as resolved in Truffle Hog.

The Remediations page is where you can configure this setting for your TruffleHog instance.

Slack Workflow:

When you navigate to the Remediations page, you will see a section for Workflow and another for Notifications. By adding a workflow, you are able to kick off the process for secret rotation, without needing the security team to hunt down the user to initiate the rotation of the secret. When TruffleHog verifies a new secret, the secret leaker will be notified via Slack to go in and rotate the found secret. The TruffleHog notifier will include all necessary information for the leaker to accomplish this task. When TruffleHog scans again, it will confirm that the secret has been remediated.

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In order to setup the Slack Workflow within TruffleHog, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the "+" button next to Workflows.

  2. Click on "+Add" underneath the Slack Workflow option

  3. Allow the TruffleHog notifier access to your Slack workspace

  4. Then simply configure the settings. You can customize the language sent to the secret leaker, as well as include any other individuals emails from your team.

  5. This will create a Slack channel with the leaker of the secret and the members specified in the list to aid in quickly rotating the live secret that was identified.

  6. You have successfully set up the Slack workflow within TruffleHog!

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Please Note: Workflow will only notify for any new secrets found

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at!

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