When you log into TruffleHog for the first time, you will land on the Dashboard. The Dashboard displays high-level metrics for you and your team. Here you can see the total number of live secrets that have been found, as well as the total number of verified secrets that have been found over time. The Dashboard also provides you with a breakdown of all of the verified secret types.

Live Secrets found after a scan by TruffleHog are what are most important to our customers. These are the secrets that will need to be remediated by you organization in order to keep your data protected. From the Dashboard, you can click on “Live Secrets”, which will take you immediately to the secrets your organization needs to quickly remediate.

As you scroll down the Dashboard, you can also see if you have any Active Scans and their progress. When a scan is complete, it will no longer show up under "Active Scans".

If you have any questions about the information displayed to you on the Dashboard, please reach out to our Support Team at support@trufflesec.com.

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